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Welcome to Village Escapes!

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Hello, and welcome to our escape room experience. Here at Village Escapes, we’ll go out of our way to challenge you. Our room is perfect for families, friends, tourists, co-workers and for special events. Take a look through our site to learn more.

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Unforgettable Moments

We provide escape room adventures for many types of private gatherings, including these groups. From celebrating a special occasion to simply doing a fun activity, this is a unique way for all types of groups to work together, helping them strengthen relationships and create new bonds. 

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You’ve always known about the enchanted forest at the edge of your village for hundreds of years the creatures of the  enchanted forest and the villagers living nearby had never crossed paths. The legend says that if you cross the tree line into the woods, you can never leave the forest again. Of course, there were a few villagers who did not heed this warning, but they were never seen or heard from again. One day you’re (very carefully) walking along the edge of the forest when you hear an unusual sound. Is that an owl? Owls aren’t supposed to be out during the day, you think to yourself. Suddenly, the owl emerges from the forest and drops a note at your feet. Just as quickly as it appeared, it retreats back into the forest and you pick up the paper it dropped. It reads:

We need your help, our magical creatures are being taken!

An evil goblin has stolen them all, of that we’re not mistakin’ 

We know that you are fair and good and this is why we ask

That you gather a team and enter our forest, we know it’s no small task

This evil goblin, as you will see

Has locked our friends inside a tree

Return to this spot when the sky goes black

You’re our only hope to release it back

You’ll have only one hour and you must work fast

Or this trip to the forest may be your last!

As soon as you finish reading the poem, the words disappear; it really is full of magic! You gather your closest friends as dusk approaches and head towards the spot by the woods. You hear the familiar “hoot” of the owl and know the time has come. When you step into the woods you are transported to a place only seen in fairy tales! Up ahead you see the tree and the countdown has begun…


2-6 Players, $25 each, Non-Linear puzzles. Rooms are dimly lit. Theme is fantasy and fairy tale. 1 hour to complete. Fun for all ages. 


Lady in White 

Hello, visitors. I am John Book and welcome to my hotel. Rather, what used to be my hotel. In the late 1800’s, the small ivillage of East Palestine was a booming town full of travelers who needed a place to stay for a few days, a few weeks, and even a few months at a time. They chose this hotel…my hotel…because it was one of the finest in the area. Book Hotel featured a well-stocked bar, a wine room, a billiards room, and the newest furnishings. Strangers came for the amenities but stayed for the hospitality, all the while enjoying the finest of meals. Unfortunately, they also stayed for reasons I had hoped to forget.
You see, Book Hotel was a place where gambling, secrecy, and corruption met nightly over coffee and dessert. I was naive to these transgressions until it was too late. After all, dirty deeds don’t much care for ears that aren’t privy. 
That poor girl. The hired girl…oh, what was her name? I knew it by heart before her tragic demise, but for over a century now she has simply been referred to as the Lady in White. 
Just shy of twenty years old, she quickly became the face of the hotel. She had an eye for detail and made sure each room was immaculate. Along with this, she also prepared the gourmet meals the guests dined on during their stay. One evening she came to me in a frenzy, saying she’d overheard something…dangerous. She wished to tell me about it right then, but I had prior engagements across town and was already late. How I wish I’d have stayed to listen to her instead; you see, she vanished the very same night. Not a word uttered, not a note left…she was just…gone. I suspect she met a fateful demise upon hearing the conversation she wasn’t meant to that evening. It would make sense, since that’s when the Lady in White began haunting the grounds. 
Appearing as a desperate apparition for over a hundred years, the Lady in White has walked the halls of this hotel, desperate for peace. You, my friends, are able to provide this for her, but only if you hurry. It’s 10:59pm and at midnight, every night, her last day begins once again. Perhaps the answers lie in her trunk; ironically, it’s the only thing in this hotel from her time that’s survived. Remember her name, set her free, and never forget the Lady In White. 

2-6 players, $25, 1 hour to complete. Non-Linear puzzles. Theme deals with the supernatural and paranormal.


We are now Closed at our location at the book house.  We are working on a New location. We will update once we do. Thank you everyone for all the support over the last 4 years!! 

*Check out our Facebook or Google business page for the latest updates & added times. 

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Questions, comments or special requests? Feel free to reach out to us today.

12 E Main St
East Palestine, Ohio Columbiana County 44413


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We are located in the historical Book House Hotel built in 1880 by John Book. Locals believe it's haunted by a women in white. Many have felt the presence of her and  have seen her roaming the hotel at night. Will you be booking a room with us this evening?

No, you will never be locked Inside of our room and are free to exit, but the timer will continue.

All of our bookings are private and will only include you and your group.

You must book the time and pay in advance. Click book now on our website. Pick the date and time available. Add your information and pay online. If you don't have a Paypal just pay as a guest. 

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